Day 8: Keep On (Genesis 20-22; Matthew 7)

In an age where we’ve become so used to instant gratification, the art and discipline of perseverance has become lost to us…and we’ve suffered because of it. New Year’s resolutions are a perfect example of how we’ll make promises to ourselves the first days of January only to completely forget about them by March.

It happens to us spiritually as well. We’re so easily discouraged when God doesn’t immediately answer our prayers or we don’t have a quick reaction to something we hear or read in the Bible.

Why doesn’t God answer our prayers immediately?

Yes, He’s perfectly capable to do it. He could have made Sarah pregnant soon after He gave Abraham the promise, but instead made him wait 15 years before Isaac was born. There are so many of us waiting for family to come to Christ, for healing and prosperity, for love. But it’s in the waiting that we can either grow closer to God or move further away. It’s not easy but God wants to build perseverance in His people; so that in tough times we won’t break or turn away from Him. Instead, we’ll continue to stand on the promises of God and the goodness of His character. Just because God may be silent does not mean He’s not moving. If you find yourself growing weary, let these words encourage you:

Day 8 Tirzah in the Word Devotional.jpg

Jesus tells us that our Father will give us good things when we ask so keep on, dear hearts!

Have you made any promises/resolutions to yourself this year?

How will persevere and keep on knocking when times get tough? 

Leave your comment below!


12 thoughts on “Day 8: Keep On (Genesis 20-22; Matthew 7)

  1. I love this so much! I feel that when God makes promises to us, its a beautiful blessing but also an opportunity: we learn patience by waiting for His perfect timing, we learn trust by knowing His will for us is greater than our wildest dreams, and we learn perseverance by seeing the divine purpose in each battle. Just like Jacob doesn’t stop wrestling and holding on in Gen. 32 until he is blessed, we too and persevere when things get tough!

    Liz, your daily posts so beautifully accompany the readings and are such an encouragement! God bless you, and all the lovely readers as we do this journey together 😀


  2. Thank you very much for this Word darling. I have just recognized that I am in a season where God is teaching me to persevere Him and to trust in His ability to fulfill His promises. I especially learned a lot from reading Matthew 7 and Genesis 20-22. I recognized the kind of faith Abraham had because he knew that God would have provided a sacrifice and the kind of obedience he had to be ready to offer his son as sacrifice- two things which are very important to live set- apart lives in Christ. Matthew 7 also showed how to recognize false prophets, that is, by looking at whether they produce good or bad fruits and the only way we can spot the difference is by reading the Word of God and having the Holy Spirit which gives discernment of spirit. The Lord has revealed so many more things, I am just oozing with excitement and thankful that I am on this journey with the Tirzah family! God bless you wonderful women!


  3. This is such a great reminder! Although I’m mid-way through a different reading plan, I am enjoying reading these posts daily and plan on referring to them when I’m back to the beginning of the bible later this year.


  4. Season of waiting ends with a prmised fulfilled.
    Isnt that a beautiful reminder and also the Lords words -Is anything too hard for me?
    I am glad I am on this journey with Tirzah!
    If i do my math right they waited 25 years for a son..that indeed shows that the Lord has His own timings for everything, even His promises


  5. Now that we’ve read till Issac’s birth, I wonder why Abraham would give his wife to another man – twice.
    Maybe, I’m coming from today’s thinking of how its wrong. If someone could clear this up…thank you!


    1. I was thinking about that too and I think since it was the second time it was a conscious choice. But also he always does it when he is entering a new land, it’s a consistent pattern of behavior that doesn’t lead to anything but a mess but it’s a familiar option he thinks he can use to avoid potential trouble. I think in fear it’s easy for us to fall back on options even when they clearly weren’t the right ones instead of trusting God. But God is so gracious to help us navigate through the messes we make. Just some of my thoughts 🙂

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    2. Thanks for the question Hanna! Abraham gave Sarah to those other men out of fear of being killed. While she technically was his half sister (Genesis 20:12), he did not tell them that she was his wife. He thought once they saw her and her beauty, they’d kill him to get to her (think of King David when he saw Bathsheba and all that happened afterwards). Abraham didn’t stop to think or pray about God being his Shield or protection. When we’re under God’s protection, we don’t have to lie or try to find ways around our situations. Because He is with us, He leads us straight through (like Joshua and the walls of Jericho). Hope that helps you!

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  6. Waiting is something that is definitely difficult as our generation has been taught if it doesn’t happen right away move onto something else. God always has purpose in his perfect timing. I need to work on coming to him in the waiting process instead of just trying to do things on my own.

    My resolution for this year is to follow with this daily bible study through out the whole year. I struggle with having the discipline to be in the word daily, so these posts that come right to my email daily help me stay plugged in. I also really try hard to think about the questions at the end of the posts and to leave a response. Being part of this community is great accountability. Thinking through the questions helps me plug in what I just read and be able to apply it. And I love getting to hear what other girls are thinking too.

    Thank you Tirzah in the word. ❤


    1. So glad Tirzah In The Word has been helping you with this discipline! In writing these devotionals, it’s been helping me the same way…to read my Bible and meditate on the Word. I’ve prayed that I would look at familiar Scriptures with fresh eyes and not write about what I’ve heard before for the sake of writing it but I would really be intentional to wait and see what the Holy Spirit would want me to share. We’re on this journey together going deeper into the Word and getting rooted to the love of Christ 🙂


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