Day 6: Our Exceedingly Great Reward (Genesis 15-17; Matthew 5:27-48)


Since the age of 14, I’ve been working various jobs. The older I’ve gotten, the greater the need for a job in order to pay my bills. When the phone, cable, rent, and loans are due – the less it seems I have in my bank account. Life in biblical times wasn’t just about how many cattle you had but more importantly, whether you had children. That was the reward of marriage. God had made a covenant with Abram and his wife, Sarai, and yet their arms were still empty of the promised child.

God’s promise to Abram wasn’t a reward for leaving his home country. God chose Abram for a reason: to be the line from which the Messiah would be born. Yet, God could see the fear Abram had as he looked at his age and that of his wife. Instead of immediately comforting Abram with the promised son, He comforts Abram with Himself.

Have you looked at your situation and saw your lack? Maybe you’re still single, unsure of what career path to take, or you constantly check your bank account praying money will miraculously appear. Whatever makes you fearful within your heart, God tells you not to fear. He is your shield – the source of protection from the enemy’s lies and a covering to keep you from harm. God reveals Himself to be our exceedingly great reward just as He did with Abram. When we believe in His promises He rewards us with more of Himself. That is the greatest honor we can receive from Him.

Do you ever feel like you’re working for God’s approval or blessings?

How does His words to Abraham change your view?


9 thoughts on “Day 6: Our Exceedingly Great Reward (Genesis 15-17; Matthew 5:27-48)

  1. I think the whole time I was reading the passage today it was like the Lord showed me how often He was speaking and interacting with Abram, and even Hagar. He came and He spoke to them, so often I chase after things hoping to gain God’s approval or a reward. But if I would go to the promises that He has spoken and spend time engaging with Him then I would be a lot more satisfied! After communication with God it changes the outlook on why I am pursuing certain things, for my own benefit or to glorify Him? I just really enjoyed how often the Lord is actually speaking to His people and reiterating His promises even when we doubt them.

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  2. What stuck out to me is sometimes we need to be still and wait on God’s promises. It is so easy to start to do things our way when it seems God isn’t showing up or feeling like he forgot about us. It is important keep our eyes on the Lord while we wait on his perfect timing instead of trying to put things into our own hands. Waiting on God can be so hard! But we can always prepare the field by doing living a Christ seeking life in the mean time.


    1. So true, Lindsay! I always find myself doing that and wishing I had taken the time and involved God more. I’ve especially learned that with my singleness and God has been teaching me so much about it. But it does apply to all areas of life!!


  3. Yes, so many times I felt like I had to work for Gods blessings, or even His love! I think we are programmed to be that way since we always have to work for everything we have. Children often have to work for their parent’s attention or approval, or teacher’s approval, or friend’s approval. We live in a world where love does not always come freely. The Lord’s words to Abram really remind us that he is always there. He’s our wonderful counselor, and his “services” are free! It really takes time to get to know that Jesus’ love is really unconditional. I used to think that when I sin, God is automatically so tired of me and so disappointed that he does not want anything to do with me anymore. Over the years, I finally understood that God truly loves us, just because! And not only does he love us, he likes us! This understanding came to me when I was driving early to work and the song “More Than You Think I Am” by Danny Gokey came on. Right before that song I prayed to God saying “God, what is wrong with me? How can you love me? I am so far away from you. I feel like you are disappointed…” and etc. (I get very emotional in the mornings *sigh*) And then that song comes on, and it was like the Lord spoke to me saying ” Daughter, I am MORE than you think I am! Stop thinking all those lies that are not true. I love you.” And I just CRIED. Anyway, sorry for the rambling. But I really wanted to encourage any of you who are reading this, that Jesus DOES love you, MORE than you think he does. Who are we, to be able to uncover the mystery of his perfect love?? I think if we had it figured out we wouldn’t be drawn to be coming for more.



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    1. Thanks for that encouragement Anastasia! I recently fell in love with a song by Lauren Daigle called Hear – You Alone (it’s under North Point InsideOut) on YouTube. Listening to those words always brings tears to my eyes! I hope you’ll listen and be blessed by the words 🙂

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  4. I think I’m learning a lot about the way I am always striving and trying to earn God’s approval rather than accepting it in faith and receiving it. I love what you said about how God didn’t comfort Abraham and Sarah with a child immediately, but he comforted them with himself!! I have found that to be so true. And when God does that for us, it’s so often that the original worries or questions or doubts just fall away in light of God’s presence.


  5. I feel like just as the quote said, the more we believe in God the more he opens up to us. And sometimes in like Abram’s situation he waited so long but still didn’t give up and finally God blessed him with such an amazing gift. I have a friend who is a believer and of 12 years of marriage they couldn’t conceive. But she didn’t give up and prayed and finally last year she find out she is pregnant. She is already 5 months pregnant and baby is well and blessed. Makes me want to never give up on God, even in the most hard and annoying times, because I know it might be a test and I know that God is still with me no matter where I am in life. Thank you for sharing this example with us.


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