Day 3: Walking With God (Genesis 6-8; Matthew 3)

Have you ever noticed that when you walk with a friend or loved one for a long distance, at some point you become in sync with them? Your legs align, your gaits are even, and your arms swing in time to each other. Both Enoch and Noah were aligned with God and they were faithful in their walks with Him. I think that’s pretty amazing considering that the Holy Spirit did not dwell with them as He does with us.

So many times we feel out of sync with God and don’t know what He wants from our lives (or maybe we do and don’t feel like we have the strength or desire to obey).

Before the Fall, Adam walked with God in the cool of the day. Enoch and Noah walked with God and had amazing experiences with God because of it. One would be swept away to Heaven while the other would build an ark and survive the World’s worst flood. God desires that each of us walk with Him just as we would a friend. It’s not about going from Point A to Point B but it’s about a lifestyle change. The God who knows us so intimately, better than we know ourselves, gives us the opportunity to get to know Him. He is willing to share His heart, to rejoice in the good times and weep during the bad times as any true friend would. But so many times, we don’t have the discipline to turn away from the things that would distract us. We come to believe that true fellowship with God is too hard of a burden to bear because it doesn’t always come easily or we don’t feel a certain way when we’re done. Time with God is never burdensome but is sweet and liberating. It completely satisfies our soul’s thirst but it also comes with a cost; we will look less like the world and more like Jesus.

Have your thoughts or attitude about walking with God gotten off track?

In what areas do you need strengthening? 


14 thoughts on “Day 3: Walking With God (Genesis 6-8; Matthew 3)

  1. I’m reading the Bible but still feels like there is no change. Feels like I’m the same person before I gave my life to the Lord. I want to walk with God. Be someone who pleases the Lord.

    As I was reading Genesis chapter 6 verse 6 really stood out to me. “The Lord was sorry that he had made man on the earth and he was grieved in his heart”

    The Lord regretted making his creation. So he was going to destroy his creation.


    1. Thank you so much for your honesty, Veronica! I read your comment earlier this morning but couldn’t respond because I had to go to Sunday service but as I was listening to the message, I thought of you. My pastor said when it comes to our change in the Lord and the pace of God, “Discipleship is a revolutionary change in a person’s life at an evolutionary pace”. 2 Corinthians 5:17 tells us, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold all things have become new”. Please continue to read the Bible since it is God’s primary way to speak to you. We can only change as we come to understand who God is and it’s a constant revelation of who God is. I would also recommend you join a small group if they are available at your church and if you haven’t joined one already. It’s important to read the Word and learn to feed yourself spiritually in the Scriptures but we’re not made to grow in vacuums. I believe that if you were to become a part of a group that had some mature Christian women than it would be helpful for you. I also think we underestimate what God does in the time we’ve accepted Christ to the present. Because you’ve accepted Christ, you’re already different. Before Christ, we were dead in our sins and had no desire to know God. It is only because of the Holy Spirit drawing us and pointing us to Christ that we know the Father.

      And regarding Genesis 6:6, the hearts of the people had gotten so far away from Him and the purpose He had created them for, which was fellowship, that He did wipe them out. However, He promised never to do it again! God may have been angry then but His plan has never changed or wavered to reconciling mankind to Him so that we can live with Him for eternity.

      The Word is there to renew our minds and help us see as He does (which takes time and effort but it’s possible!). I pray that as you continue reading Tirzah In The Word, you’ll be encouraged in your walk.


  2. I was also directed to thinking of how fantastic it would be to be able to be connected with God so much that you walk with him, experience his loving presence ..that close a companionship.
    Areas I need to work on would be trusting him.
    I have trust issues, and although it one thing to have Faith but to Trust him wholely and every moment of my life is another level.


    1. So true Jane! Unfortunately so many people have been hurt that trust becomes an issue for many of us and I’ve struggled with that as well. Jesus is the perfect example that we can walk with God in close fellowship and still be in this world. Thanks for joining us as we all go deeper into the Bible and please continue sharing your thoughts with us 🙂


  3. Hi Liv, thank you for this wonderful devotion this morning!
    In the the past I have definitely felt too tired or busy to come to God in devotion. As a result, I felt unworthy for failing God and choosing to lie in my own misery. However, God made me realize that it is not our job to change the seasons we are in, rather we are commanded to BE STILL and just trust in His name. There are times when we can change our attitude and approach the throne of God boldly and joyfully. But there are also times when we can’t pick ourselves up and Jesus sits with us (Psalm 100:3, 46:10). He resonates with our pain on an intimate level. It is truly so liberating to come to God unjudged and known!


    1. Yes! Jesus came to give us freedom and so many times we judge ourselves so harshly without gracing ourselves with forgiveness like God does. We live in a world that does not accept things like aging or singleness and tells us that we should be constantly striving for unrealistic standards. I think that’s why it’s so important to stay connected with the Father through the Holy Spirit because He will quiet the lies that He is as unforgiving as the world is. And whatever season we’re in, God is not surprised in them nor is He unwilling to move us from one to the next. Each one serves their purpose to wait on Him and be tender to His Spirit. Thank you for that great insight and joining us as we embrace more of God’s heart for our lives ❤

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  4. Walking with God is not easy. When I feel more in ”sync” with God, the time is always sweet and I always appreciate the time I spend with him. However, (especially last year), I would easily get distracted with what was going on in my life (getting good grades at university, gaining accomplishments or spending too much time on the Internet). I would make excuses not to go to church, convincing myself that I need to study or that I am simply too tired to go to church. Sometimes, I felt like I was just going through ‘with the motions”- just following a list of rules and regulations instead of appreciating the time spent with Jesus. I definitely need strengthening in my relationship with Jesus!

    However, I have a strong feeling in my heart that this year is going to be different for me. Since 29 December, I felt a strong urge in my heart to read the Bible every day and to pray to the Lord more often than before. I also have a stronger desire to have a stronger relationship with God and I know the Lord wants me to be more committed to him this year fully! I know it is time to get rid of these invisible idols in my life and to just love the Lord completely.

    I have a few questions:) How does a person walk with God in their everyday life, such as studying or travelling to work? Is it through praying to Jesus all the time or is it by your lifestyle? How can you love the Lord and put him first in your life?


    1. Anne-Sophie, I think your heart’s desire to deepen your relationship with God is confirmation of God telling Yelena, our editor-in-chief, to do this Bible devotional for the next year. We are living in very difficult times and the only way we’ll remain firm is to know Him and His Word.

      Walking with God is to live in unbroken fellowship with Him. This doesn’t mean to read the Bible 24/7. We’re told in Ecclesiastes 3 that there is a time for everything. One of the reasons God made Adam was to work in the Garden yet they walked together in the cool of the day. Jesus, the second Adam, spent time with the Father every morning before going out to speak to the Israelites or perform miracles. We have to go to school, and work, and spend time with our families – that’s part of our human experience. But within those experiences, we can still have communion with God. We can invite Him into our studies, our relationships. We also take the time to nurture our relationship with God. We learn His voice, find our delight in Him, making choices that will please and honor Him. Enoch and Noah had lifestyles that set them apart and that’s what every Christian is called to do – to be light and salt in the world. Walking with God means that we make Him first and honor the command that Jesus gave us to love Him with all our hearts, soul, and mind (Deut 6:5, Matthew 22:37) and reflect that in all we do. Hope that helps! Thanks again for asking those great questions :


      1. Wow! That is so awesome that Yelena got confirmation to continue doing this Bible devotional for the next year! Thank you very much for answering my questions! I will try to think of these things as I go through the rest of the day:)


  5. From what I understand, God decided to destroy the world because the people had become evil. However, I’m confused as to why God destroyed the earth and then in Genesis 7:21 promised never to destroy It again. What made God change His mind?


    1. Hi Hana,
      This is my understanding..hope it helps..
      God did not change his mind. He did destroy every living thing on earth with the floods.
      God made a promise to himself , that he will not destroy earth again because of man. You see, because of men, God destroyed every living thing. Noah and his family were the only humans left to get off the ark and the first thing Noah did was worship God.
      He got off the ark, sacrificed burnt offerings to the Lord. I understood it as symbolic to man asking forgiveness and thus leading God to make a promise to never destroy earth a second time with floods


  6. I love this last paragraph reminding me that time with God is not burdensome. If reading the scriptures or prayer is ever Burdensome then I must refocus and invite God to join me.


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