Day 2: Where Are You? (Genesis 3-5; Matthew 2)

I recently bought a car and now use a handy app on my iPhone called Maps. With a few strokes from my finger, I tell the app where I want to go and it shows me the exact driving route. Without it, I would be absolutely lost.

When Adam ate the fruit from the Garden of Eden, God called out to him, “Where are you?”

The spiritual link in their relationship had been irrevocably broken with that one bite and we have been walking around lost ever since.

You may know how to get to school or have a preferred way to get to work everyday but inside, you still feel like something is missing…that there should be more. With the curse, Adam and Eve would focus more on each other than they would on God. Somewhere along the way have your sights been taken off of God? Have you come to depend more on other people or things to fill up that God-sized hole in your heart?

There are times that the Holy Spirit whispers, “Where are you?”… Where have you veered from the narrow path? What caused your feet to stumble? The conviction of the Holy Spirit isn’t to condemn us but to get us back into a right relationship with God, the Father who brings us peace and covers us with love. God knows exactly where you are and how you got there but with those three words, He’s bringing it to your attention. Before you can go anywhere else or move forward, be honest with Him about where you are – whether you’ve become spiritually stagnant, frustrated with unanswered prayer, too distracted by the things around you like your iPhone, Netflix, or whatever is pulling your attention away from Him. It hurts to admit that we’ve wandered away (and that we don’t love Him as perfectly as He loves us) but God wants to pull you in close again.

Have an honest heart-to-heart with God, be open to His correction and soothed by His grace. They both come from the same heart that aches when anything hinders your fellowship with Him.

What causes you to take your eyes off of God?

Where do you want to go in your relationship with the Lord this year?

Let’s discuss in the comments below!


17 thoughts on “Day 2: Where Are You? (Genesis 3-5; Matthew 2)

  1. Fear is one thing that really distracts me from focusing on my relationship with Jesus. I’ve learned a lot to speak the Word of God over myself, my life, and situations as a way to combat the fear and refocus back on Christ.


    1. I can totally relate to you! Fear has really bound me from being deeply rooted in my faith in Christ. Putting on the armor of faith is so vital to our Christian walk and fear often causes us to keep it off. Because we have the indwelling Holy Spirit living within us, we’re much more stronger than we can even imagine! Continue fighting the lies of the enemy with the truth of God’s Word. Like Paul tells us in 1 Timothy 6:12, fight the good fight of faith and keep holding on tightly to the promise of eternal life we’ve been given through Christ! We’re here to join along side of you and encourage you to persevere in victory!

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  2. Usually what distracts me from God is everything around me that connects me to the outside world: social media, TV, etc. I will spend hours on end sitting on my phone and wanting it to satisfy me but it doesn’t at all. Only when I sit on my bed, with my bible and pen in hand do I feel fully satisfied. But when I’m distracted, I feel myself seeing time with God as more of a chore to get out of the way, and I hate that. This year, I am hopin to solidify my relationship with God and stay off of my phone as much as I can.

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    1. I can really relate to what you said Kit! I have that same problem. I can spend hours on the internet, my phone, watching Netflix or Hulu but I can be so undisciplined with my time in the Lord, which leads to condemnation. My prayer to God has been to give me a hunger to read His Word and be in His presence. Just like our stomachs letting us know that it is empty and wants to be filled, I want there to be an even stronger hunger in my soul that only God can satisfy. Much like we’re told not to eat empty calories, we shouldn’t be filled by empty things that won’t benefit us emotionally or spiritually (but please know that doesn’t mean we can’t watch our favorite programs or visit our favorite sites).

      When I’ve spoken to other women about this, the biggest problem seems to be our perception. It can feel like a chore to me as well but David writes in Psalm 119:16, “I delight myself in Your statutes; I will not forget your word”. As a writer, I don’t want those who read my blog posts or devos to grudgingly read what I write. Instead, I want them to be open to my words and the heart in which I write them in. I believe God, who inspired men like Moses, Paul, and the other biblical writers through His Holy Spirit, has the same desire. Ultimately, the Word is for us to know God.

      I pray that God will give you that hunger to go into His Word and to be zealous to keep the time with Him! Thank you for joining us in this journey and may you be blessed with all that God reveals to you.

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  3. SO excited to be on this journey with you all! As someone who is still in the beginning phases of a relationship with the Lord, I am finding it especially difficult to keep my eyes on Him in situations with friends and family, who are mostly, if not all, non-believers. I pray that this year I continue to seek Him first and cultivate a powerful, strong, and firmly-rooted foundation in Christ. I pray that my words, thoughts, and actions honor Him, reflecting His radiance in ANY situation or circumstance!

    ~Blessings, Alexandra


    1. We’re so happy to have you on this journey with us Alexandra! Please know that you are not alone in your frustrations and now you have a community that will help you through and most importantly, point you back to God who loves you so much 🙂


  4. I think the hustle and bustle of everyday life is enough to distract me from God. I am always thinking of everything that i am doing or need to do, especially with my graduation in May. This year, I want to feel a present relationship with God. Slowly but surely i want to learn how to not rely on people or things or my future but on Him fully.


    1. Busyness is a distraction that plagues many of us Kendra! When I imagine it, I see it like a tug-of-war trying to divide us; on the one hand it catapults us to the future which hasn’t happened yet and on the other, stops us from enjoying being present in today. Jesus is the perfect example of present-ness. Although He knew what lay ahead for Him, we see Him walking through the gospels, sometimes getting out of His way to meet with people (the Woman at the well, Zacharias) and sharing time with those He loved like Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. The gospels also show how He would meet with the Father early in the mornings before going about His day. Being present means nurturing connection and there are so many distractions that tug us away from getting what our souls really need before facing whatever lies ahead for us. We’re so conditioned by the world that we need to keep going and or we’ll miss out but it fails to show us how to be present.

      I pray that Tirzah In The Word helps you to be present in your relationship with God and this is just the start of being deeply rooted in His Word!

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  5. I think I start to hide from God and run away from Him when I forget that He loves me or doubt how He feels about me. When I start feeling shame and condemnation, then I run to other distracting things to try to fill up the space that only the Lord can fill. This year I want to be continually convinced of who He is and how He feels about me so that I can love Him the same way!


    1. Thanks for your transparency Maddie! I think so many of us can related to that…I know I can! Romans 8:1 immediately comes to mind when Paul says that there is no condemnation in Christ. Every relationship needs to be nurtured just like a plant does. We need to be rooted to Christ so that we are sustained by His love so that whatever winds and storms come our way, we hold on to the fact that we belong to Him and He abides in us. I’m always amazed at how God wants a relationship with me no matter how many times I try to hide my failings and inadequacies but that tug is still there telling me that He’s not giving up on me. He doesn’t give up on any of us. The prayer in Gethsemane in John 17 beautifully shows us just how deeply we are rooted to His heart. May God continue to show you this and be so deeply ingrained that every lie of the enemy is immediately quieted by His truth.


  6. For me pleasure and convenience often take my eyes off God. I am drawn to things that are easy or fun. Instant gratification is a must! A relationship with God isn’t like that, because it isn’t about me. It’s about my creator. My goal for this year is to be more disciplined with my relationship with God, making it a priority over earthly distractions. The pleasures of this life are temporary, but a relationship with God is eternal. That’s what I want to invest my year in.


    1. Lindsay, I can relate to this too! We have so many distractions in the world and they do give us satisfaction even if for a moment. It’s not wrong to have some pleasure in this world but Jesus tells us not to make those things our treasures, which often times we do. My prayer for you, myself, and all the Tirzah community is that we’ll get even more satisfaction from meeting with God and that the depths of His love as well as His desire for our fellowship will overwhelm whatever else we may look to to fill that God-shaped hole in our hearts. Thanks for coming on this journey with us!


    1. Thanks for your honest Symone! Sometimes it’s hard to admit in our heart of hearts, we don’t feel like God does have a purpose or plan for us but Jeremiah 29:11 clearly tells us that God does know the plans that He has for us…plans for a hope and a future. John 17 is one of my most favorite chapters of the Bible because that reveals that heart of Christ and the mission of the Cross: to know that we are in the Father and the Father is in us. I pray that you’ll take the time to read that chapter with an open heart and see how moved Jesus was when He poured our His love in that prayer and how His plan is for eternal fellowship with you. So glad you’re on this journey with us as we come together as a community to experience with fresh eyes and a soft heart all that the Holy Spirit has to reveal to us!


  7. I pray that my relationship with God this year is filled with growth. I pray that I am daily seeking his face and allowing him to work in and thorough me.


  8. Honestly I think busyness and distraction along with the noise,speed and chaos of this world causes me to take my eyes off God. And with those two toxic causes comines, my soul has no rest. And I try and find the rest that only God can give, through other things. Definetly agree that fear can also does a lot of damage. I struggle with believing and accepting the love of Christ. It seems almost too good to be true at times and it’s easier for me to have a religious mindset and heart rather than a surrendered one out of love. This year, I’m praying that God will take me deeper with Him and into Him as I read his word. I’m so desperate for a close relationship that my heart and soul are just craving the word and More of His spirit.


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